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Engaging and entertaining discussions that challenge us to Rethink the Vital Role of Men in today’s modern world. Gary D Rogers is a master storyteller with a unique message for today’s modern man. His message is that each one of us has a substantial purpose that we are fully capable of fulfilling. The concept of personal sovereignty and that no one can take our power away from us without our permission is refreshing and empowering.

Through his insightful perspective he challenges today’s myths about manhood with concepts like:

  • Dimensions of Authentic Manhood
  • Negating the toxic masculinity, boys will be boys, and no men needed labels
  • Good Fathers make for good statistics
  • The qualities of great men that make good dads
  • What good men do and why we need them
  • To a man, not much is worth doing but a lot is worth providing
  • Good men are good protectors and good providers
  • Most men are good guys and want to show up in a big way
  • Most guys want a bigger mission than they have – we’re wired that why

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Available Speaking Topics

Fatherhood – The Antidote for what Ails Us

Standards Based Decisions
Personal Responsibility
Place of Our Sacred honor
Demonstrated Competence
Vital Role of Men

Dimensions of Authentic Masculinity

Rising above Personal Needs
Core Values of Real Men
Inner Strength and Mental Toughness
Protection, Provision, Perseverance
Cycle of Accusation & Recrimination

Pursuit of your Life’s Purpose

Finding Purpose in the Struggle
Empowered to Take the Risk
Place of Highest Purpose
Revelation & the Act of Transformation
Vital Role of a Father’s Love & Discipline

Power of Choice

Powering Your Pursuit of Destiny
Dealing with Life’s Harsh Realities
Personal Sovereignty
Overcoming Victimization
Core Competencies of a Sovereign

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